Modern Fluid Power Inc. has been a preeminent supplier of industrial valves and components for over 40 years, serving clients in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Nationwide. We partner with high performance companies including ABZ Valves and Controls, who manufactures butterfly valves, actuators, and controls in a wide variety of sizes and functions. ABZ’s butterfly valves vary in size from 2″ to 48″, handling pressures of 150 to 600 psi. These valves feature a design that is ideal for manual or automated actuation, and can be installed with manual hand gear, an electric actuator, or a pneumatic actuator. ABZ’s valves withstand difficult fluid compositions and high-temperature applications, and are used in many different areas, including the industrial, chemical, HVAC, and food & beverage industries. We also carry a wide variety of ABZ actuators to meet our clients’ demands.

To learn more about the quality products available from ABZ, please contact us our company directly.

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ABZ Valves & Controls Product Catalog

ABZ Butterfly Valves
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