STOCKING Distributor of Valves
and Components for Industry
Modern Fluid Power, Inc. | Serving Industry since 1970

Supplier & Distributor of Industrial Components Such As Pipe Line Strainers, Backflow Preventers & Water Gauges

Piping components including pipe line strainers, float and lever valves, water gauges, backflow preventers (air, gas, and steam cocks), regulators and more are handled by Modern Fluid Power partnering with Apollo, Fabrotech, Flomatic, Aquatrol, and other fine companies to provide the best in fluid components. For instance: The Apollo 19K Safety Valve features a Teflon seat and is National Board Certified in accordance with ASME Sections 1 and V111 or Flomatic Miniair or Maxiair, air release valves in sizes to 3” NPT. To learn more about these and other products, please contact us directly.

Industrial Components Product Information

Fabrotech Strainers
  • “Y” type, basket type, and fabricated basket type thru 16”
Flomatic Valves
  • Air Release/vacuum, check valve, foot valves, automatic control valves.
Aquatrol Valve Company
  • Safety and relief valves, Series 69 liquid relief valves, 1/4” thru 3”, and pressures to 600 PSI.
  • Strainers, safety valves, backflow preventers, water gauges, in-line check valve, gate, globe, ball valve and butterfly valves.
Spartan Scientific
  • Solenoid valves, including air piloted solenoid valves, diaphragm process valves, direct acting in 2, 3, and 4 way versions.
Bonomi North America
  • Ball valves in brass, carbon steel, and stainless, deadman spring return valves, in-line check valves, butterfly valves.
  • Water pressure reducing valves, mixing valves, hydronic specialty valves.
“OVC” Ohio Valve Company
  • Steel and stainless steel ball valves, L-Port and T-Port diverter valves, and clamp end Teflon cavity filled sanitary valves.

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